Ema through her programs has taught me strategies and practices which have assisted me in finding out who I really am and what I really want in life. Ema helped me find my voice again, poured love and belief into me when I couldn’t do that myself. I feel from completing the program it has helped me in all areas of my life. I have become a more conscious being and everything in my life has improved! Thank you Ema!!! I can’t thank you enough!!! You have helped me change my life.
— Bree

Happy Clients


Donella says after completing the 2 day course

I did The Unique Freedom Formula with Ema last year and I was so impressed with the content and Ema's approach and Ema. It has changed the way I view myself, the world I live in and the people I interact with. I left the course feeling so empowered, with NO negative thinking and a new outlook on life. I have used the tools I learnt not only in my personal life, but also in my Kinesiology practice and have used them months after completing the course. It was challenging to face my own bullshit stories, but Ema was awesome. I loved Ema's no nonsense approach, the space she holds and how safe and supported I felt leading up to the workshop, the 2 days and afterwards. I now know that I am strong, beautiful and brave. I totally recommend The Unique Freedom Formula ! Thanks Ema!

Kristyna says after completing the 2 day course

I attended The Unique Freedom Formula 2 day course in December 2016, I discovered and admitted to the parts of me holding me back from being truly loving to myself. Emas' facilitation is both challenging and empathetic. Her ability to really hear what you are saying and offer meaningful insights is definitely her super power!! This is no cookie cutter formula, it is personal and it works!! And, importantly you have support after the 2 days as you process your newfound discoveries. Everyday I use skills and insights from The Unique Freedom Formula.  I highly recommend Ema and The Unique Freedom Formula. I, actually, look forward to doing it again as a refresher, to keep growing and exploring that deeper love for self and others. Thank you Ema.


Tina says after completing the 2 day course

Ema's ability to challenge and guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself is unique. During her two day The Unique Freedom Formula course. I uncovered patterns in my life that were holding me back and was given direction and strategies to move forward. I walked away from the course with practical ways to implement all that I'd learned immediately. I highly recommend Ema and The Unique Freedom Formula course.

Julie says after working 1:1

My coaching session gave me skills to help me deal with things in the future to give me a positive outlook on life. I was surprised how asking the right questions made things become clearer. I was amazed how “I” could achieve the things I wanted to. I would recommend Unique Phoenix to others who want to be able to achieve their goals and want to be able to look at life more positively.