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I understand that taking time away from the business is an important consideration. With Lunchtime Learning each person can learn and nourish all at once, which is good for everyone and the needs of the business.

Lunchtime learning is a way for your business to support each employee to grow, be productive, reduce stress and be part of creating a work environment that supports everyone to reach their potential.  Through a variety of topics, Communication Styles, The Value of Responsibility, The Art of being Present....I will help you build collaborative and cohesive teams that will thrive in your business environment.

In 45mins I will evolve thinking and help you have a happy work place.

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For Teams and Leaders within the business where a need to communicate, create and collaborate are the main priority.  These are 1 hour session with an identified specific to develop of core value.

Each session will provide the next step and continually move the team/leader forward.

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Noticing the similarities in client issues and through research it is clear that mental health in the workplace is on the rise. The cost of mental health work cover claims alone is staggering in the difference. The average mental health claim is approx. $24,000 compared to other claims approx. $9,000. The average time off work for mental health claims is approx. 15 weeks compared to other claims approx. 5 weeks. The mental claims are attributed to a variety of areas, one being mental stress, workplace bullying and harassment.

I will help you raise the productivity without decreasing energy, bring cohesion with clearer communication and collaboration within your work environment.  Raise the workplace communication, with leaders being able to inspire, motivate and support others around them more effectively. Each person experiencing reduced stress levels with a greater capacity communicate needs as they arise rather than at the breaking point.

The Happy Workplace program will not only help the business thrive, but also the individual. The course is for 8 weeks, 2 hour per week. Each Session is guided through a uniquely designed step by step approach to work and life. I will come to your workplace and run the course onsite.