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Your Life, Your Way…

Your Life, Your Way…

At Unique Phoenix, we understand that transformational coaching needs to be as individual as you are.

No two people have the same story, share the same values or have the same wants, dreams, and desires.

So we don't put you in a box.

Our own uniqueness is what sets us apart in the coaching domain.

And it's also why our clients recommend us over other coaching techniques.

You have a story that needs to be heard, it has molded you this far but you also have a dream that is bigger and so you need guidance but on your terms not some gurus.

At Unique Phoenix, we tailor our programs to suit you, with the guidance and support of founder and head coach Ema Muir.

Ema's wealth of experience along with her desire for you to tap into who you truly are, make working with her an Empowering and Thought-provoking experience.

It's never too late to begin again, contact Ema below to start your tailored journey of transformation.


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Business Coaching

Business has changed.

Engage with the right team to take your business to the next level.

Personal Coaching

Need a more individual approach then private coaching is for you. With a strong focus on your own Unique talents, wants and desires for the future you know you deserve.


Everyone loves free stuff and here at Unique Phoenix our focus in making sure you have access to the best resources as you start your transformational journey.


My soul purpose is to inspire and empower you to reconnect with your own uniqueness allowing you to live from a heart driven space.

— Ema Muir