Hello, I'm Ema

For over 10 years I ran a successful business, raising 3 kids, fitting into the roles and community around me and all the while trying to keep my head above water so life runs smoothly.

That's what a happy life looks like right?  

Successful Career, mother, wife. friend......on the outside it all looked great.

On the inside I felt deep guilt, shame and never felt enough. Climbing a career ladder on someone else's terms, trying to be what everyone else needed but not what I needed. Always so afraid of not fitting in, meeting expectations and all the while feeling isolated and disconnected. Personal development courses played a huge role, any kind of learning that could lead me to this 'happy life' we are all born to live. Then 4 years ago I hit my rock bottom and transformed my life, embracing my uniqueness, raising my voice and begun follow a path of my own creation.  

Leading me to pioneer my new path in facilitating, creating unique coaching courses and workshops for Kids, Educators, Schools, Business and 1:1 coaching approach. Through the us of  'Resistance Release Method', which removes all the disruptive layers in your life that are holding you back.  Clearing away all the complications, confusion to create a simple life that you can thrive in. 

I am passionate about helping you find the real deep awareness from within. Minus all the noise of what you 'should' be doing, helping you get what you truly need and create a life that you choose to embrace every step.  


Once you experience this you will be able to

  • Be free from fear
  • Enjoy a joy filled life
  • Continually achieve your goals
  • BE YOUR best
  • Competition free
  • Social Connection
  • Worry and Stress Free
  • Be Yourself
  • Feel Good
  • Clear Communication


My Mission.

My purpose is to serve all clients by supporting them to be themselves and feel good for who they are with pure authenticity.

Working with children aged between 8 – 17 years, as well as with women, men, business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs aged between 25 – 45 years.  To allow them to shine, be heard, communicate and lead through the use of their emotions to always achieve personal fulfilment.

I believe that every person is born wonderfully unique and can rise up on a daily basis to live being the best version of themselves; living completely with a heart driven perspective. To consistently uncover their fundamental strengths and unique abilities.

To teach tools that will support the individual to continually grow, learn, reinvent. To rise up, raise their voice and to seek solutions through emotional intelligence, clear communication and independent free thinking.

I embrace empowering others to find their own inner strength and the courage to find their centre to Self-Respect and Self-Love with ferocity and self-belief.