I am humbled to be part of this wonderful Book Project - to support young people and beyond.


The Book is called "1000 Ripple Effects"  and due to be released November 2018.
The Theme of the book is all about:
What advice would you give  15 - 21 year old making the transition from Boy to Man. Girl to Woman?
This is a very important and very significant transition in their life. This is the time they break away from the family unit, and become the Man/Woman they are going to be, This is when they work out what they stand for in life, What they value and what they are going to do.  This is also when they start to live their life purpose.
“1000 Ripple Effects” is creating a ripple effect for the people reading it. The stories in this book will be read by many people. The stories are designed to uplift, restore faith in humanity, and touch the hearts of many. The proceeds raised from the sale of this book will then be used to create ripple effects for many projects. Build Self sustainable communities, build certified organic farms, provide employment opportunities, build the hospital, provide parenting skills training.