Terms + Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Code of Conduct

Unique Phoenix aims to provide an effective and professional coaching service which supports clients in identifying and achieving goals.  We aim to work in partnership with our clients, to treat our clients with respect, to value their ideas and to help them harness the energy and enthusiasm they need to ensure positive outcomes.

In pursuit of these goals we will at all times:

·       Respect confidentiality

·       Be prepared for all coaching session, courses and workshops at the agreed time.

·       Use all our professional expertise and skills to help clients achieve their goals.

·       Inform clients of appropriate services provided by other institutions or professionals that could help them achieve their goals.  These services are suggested without liability, obligations, or redress to Unique Phoenix and associated coaches.

·       Listen carefully to clients and challenge them when they are not being honest with themselves especially when it appears to be hindering progress towards agreed goals.

 “We will not divulge any information to any third party without client permission and this includes the use of client names in any references or publicity materials. The only exception to this would be when failure to divulge information could result in a criminal charge. We operate in accordance with the Date Protection Act and relevant amendments.  Unique Phoenix embraces the values of inclusion and aims to respect and understand difference and diversity. We regard all of our clients to have unlimited potential.” 

Clients agree to

·       Be responsible for and committed to the results and success during your coaching, course, workshops.

·       Be on time for pre-arranged time for 1:1 session, courses, workshops, understanding that if late the agreed end time will still be in place.

·       To send pre session questions 48hrs prior to each session (where applicable)

·       To work consistently towards the goals and commitments we set each session.

·       Payment for 1:1 coaching session must be finalised 48hours prior to session, unless paid in full at agreement signing.  10% fee incurred for all late payments.

·       Payment for courses, workshops, programs is 7 Days from Invoice.

·       Any postponements or time request change of coaching sessions will be notified in writing minimum of 24hrs. Full session charge will apply if notification not given by client.

·       Provide a testimonial regarding the coaching, workshop, course at the end of the provided work.

·       The coaching agreement can be cancelled at any time when the above is not adhered to.

·       Confidentiality of the use of tools and coaching documents will remain between myself and Unique Phoenix.


Refund Policy

Postponement is offered for change of circumstance on workshops, coaching sessions, courses and programs. Clients have up to 3 months to recommence the service, with the exception of 2 coaching sessions which must be completed within the 6 week timeframe. Refunds are not offered for cancellation of service based on change of mind.