Private Coaching

Freedom To Fly

Freedom To Fly

Private Coaching

It’s true that the way we think determines our reality but often our thoughts are shaped by the stories and experiences we have seen and heard from a young age.

Our subconscious mind is extremely clever and will often override the conscious thought process.

This is where coaching can help. In order for real change to occur things must shift at a subconscious level, it’s not enough to wish for change.

At Unique Phoenix we do things differently by focusing on your own unique story we can quickly elicit how you think, utilising your thought process and gently supporting you as you work towards your desired outcome.

Coaching empowers you to make the changes you desire to make by accessing your inner resources and working towards achieving your fullest potential personally and professionally.

  • Understand your unique patterns in order to make permanent change

  • Build on your natural strengths

  • Receive support and understanding so that you develop more rapidly and produce more satisfying results.

Coaching is transformative but it doesn’t happen overnight, it’s taken time to reach this point so it stands to reason it will take time to unravel your core issues and challenges.

At Unique Phoenix there’s time to spread your wings and find your way in the process without feeling under pressure.

Enjoy personalised 1:1 sessions or our signature 6 month program developed specifically for you.

  • 2 x 60 min personal sessions

  • Learn the Method Steps Way

  • Email/SMS Support

  • Accountability exercises

If you’re tired of the merry go round then coaching may be the next step for you.

My coaching session gave me the skills to help me deal with things in the future to give me a positive outlook on life. I was surprised by how asking the right questions made things become clearer. I was amazed by how “I” could achieve the things I wanted to. I would recommend Unique Phoenix to others who want to be able to achieve their goals and want to be able to look at life more positively.
— Julie 1:1 Client