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Discovering that 1 in 4 kids under 18 years are affected by bullying and 1 in 5 experience online bullying, I saw the need to develop a new approach to help children navigate all their emotions in a positive and far simpler way.  I know this will also help all children on both sides of bullying.  This is done through developing their self-awareness of words and affect, helping them reach their full potential.

The CODE BREAKER 2 hour workshop helps kids from 8 -18yrs to break down the complications, anxieties and negative habits that are taking over them and their lives.

It is an interactive workshop, working together to understand emotions and choose new positive habits and words so that they feel empowered to continually make choices they feel good about.

Everyone gets to know who the real Inner person is. This is the foundation that moves them into understanding how words have an enormous impact, not only on what they say to others but, most importantly, what they say to themselves. Finally we look at The Emotional Code and how they can use their emotions to help them learn and grow in a positive and constructive way.

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As a basketball coach myself I understand the importance being able to unite the whole team, but also to build trust within each individual so that both the team and player success are continually aligned.  With the welcome rise of women’s football it is clear that these athletes require a different coaching approach to continually challenge and encourage to gain the greatest capacity for building skill and ability.

Throughout my career communication has been a main ingredient to success, both personally and professionally. Around 4 years ago I developed a new way of looking at communication from an inside out approach.