Ema Muir - Founder

A self-starter, Ema's career began in client services where she was quickly recognised for her abilities and promoted to management.

To the outside world, Ema appeared to have it all, successful career, happy marriage and 3 beautiful children. However, after a career spanning 10 years in senior management, Ema hit rock bottom, discovering that having a career was very different from living your higher purpose and so embarked on her own transformation and personal development journey.

Ema's unique perspective of being on both sides of the coin affords her a deeper clarity and ability to really 'see' and connect with her clients.

Ema openly shares her own experience of the lows and highs of life and how embracing her own uniqueness led to following a path of her own creation.

With a burning desire to give more, Ema's entrepreneurial spirit has allowed her to chase her dreams all while creating a business with a strong focus on people, passion and prosperity.

A pioneer in the transformational space, Ema is a generous facilitator and coach offering unique coaching courses and workshops through the use of her 'Resistance Release Method'.

Ema's easygoing manner immediately sets you at ease allowing you to speak freely and with confidence, finding your voice and your own unique purpose.

Ema lives with her 3 children in Berwick, Victoria. She enjoys knitting, yoga, meditation, and relaxing with her children and fur baby.

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