Business Coaching

Lunch Time Learning…

Lunch Time Learning…

Business has changed.

It’s not enough to just turn up for work every day for 30 years and then retire with a gold watch.

People & Culture teams are imperative to the growth of the business, so you need to have your game face on.

At Unique Phoenix we focus on bringing people together – your people.

With tailored packages that focus on

• Getting the right people into the right positions
• Higher retention
• Better productivity to save you time and increase your bottom line
• An empowered workforce means less time off

Working directly with the People & Culture team we quickly analyze your current team and skill set, because we know if you match your employees' skill set with their position you’re ahead of the game.

Delivered via our famous “Lunch Time Learning Experience” these sessions are run in-house over lunch for 8 weeks.

We don’t do Scatter Gun we do Laser Focused. - Tailor-made for your business.

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