Respect is love…..

We talk about earning respect, having others earn ours and having to earn others. I am not sure I understand this, isn’t respect simply a given because it is clearly a base value that we all want. If respect is one of our base values and respect comes from love, then what happens when there is an absence of love? It makes room for judgement, expectation and exclusion, therefore there must be something more under respect. The questions are endless, but it seems to always point to one thing and comeback to the same place, LOVE. In all its forms when it is fully present and the highest intent in our life, there seems to be only goodness that surrounds it.  Simple right? 

When did it get so complicated? Have we placed ourselves above all others, forgetting that we are all the same, and in making ourselves more important rather than equal, our perception gets blurred.  There becomes conditions on what it looks like for someone else to respect us, making it a challenge for anyone to reach the standard that we have set and so the cycle of seeking and giving respect continues.

Do we need to go a little further and find out how deep the respect for ourselves is? What does respect of oneself look like? Taking care of our physical body in the best and most healthy way possible, feeding it goodness and showing our body, mind and spirit love.  Honouring the words that we speak with an intention for love, being honest through our actions and authentic in how we choose to carry ourselves. Feeding our minds with information to carry us forward, to help us thrive and then sharing that knowledge with others to help them. There are so many ways that this is spoken throughout history.

-          Treat others as you wish to be treated

-          Live and let live

-          All men and women are created equal

-          Allow others the space to do the same.

When we put our awareness on what respecting our self feels like, then we can see that we are looking for a feeling, not just an action. Respect is a feeling and when you have decided to begin with yourself you stop demanding it from others and become aware of how you feel. Does my action feel good? Does the action that I am experiencing feel good?  Then find your compass to feeling good and move in that direction, because respect will follow love everywhere.

When we stop placing an importance of expectation and focus on our body, mind and spirit to feel where they are at in the present moment, then the results you want at a basic level will occur. Are the actions and thoughts I am currently thinking and doing leading me to where I feel good? Yes – keep in this direction. Are the results no, then shift your focus.

No one can define what respect is to you but you, however what it does provide is harmony and calmness in your life. Are you heading in a direction that feels good and allows respect in all areas, even when no one is watching?

What are you attracting?

Self-talk = Self-love, are you being loving to yourself?