Self-talk = Self-love, are you being loving to yourself?

Our self-talk makes a huge impact in our life. What you say to yourself and tell yourself about your world is the most important message you receive every day.  There is so much out there telling how we need to be, look, feel and in truth no of these messages are true. Only the ones we choose to believe are true and even then if we are not feeling them feeling them in our hearts, our spirit guide, then it’s our mind once again playing tricks on you.

The mind is really like an amazing computer, doing what it is commanded to do; it is our body that shows the effects, but it is our hearts that choose how we feel and therefore helping guide us to our true desire, passion and love.

The heart, our intuition is probably the one thing that we don’t have in our control, we can only be guided by it. We can only listen, be aware and then allow being led to the desire the heart offers us.

The heart is the spirits guide…always.

Therefore the mind reacts to the external world and out internal condition. Which means we can choose what we think, choose how we feel regardless how what is happening around us. Our body reacts best when we are connected to our heart, our guide and starting from a place of love.

What are you saying to yourself everyday about how you are choosing to live your life, is it in a way that you feel good about?  What you say to yourself, about yourself, is your view to the world.

Let’s break that down because the answer we are always presented with is ‘think positive’, we can also translate to say ‘look for good’ which means that you can still be present, and see things as they are and feel good all at once. Think of the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning, is it ‘nooo not the alarm again’, or ‘I don’t want to…….’ and what about ‘oh the pain in my (insert aliment). All of those things are real challenges and circumstance that we face on a daily basis, however how does that affect you?  What about this as you first thought of the day by just simply tweaked the language to ‘hello alarm, time to get up’, ‘today I will…’ and ‘as I rise slowly I am grateful for my body’. This way is looking for the best thought that will lead you to feeling good. 

What about when you make a mistake, a human stumble in life? How do you speak to yourself then? Often it sounds like, ‘I hate it when I……..’ or ‘you’re so stupid’, ‘it always happens to me when……’ does this sound like you? Internal talk goes on in everyone, every step and every day and with this kind of self-talk going on internally, what does the external view look like and feel lik? Can you possibly see all the good around you when you are so hard on yourself internally?  How do you shift this and create internal dialogue that you feel good about, we need to flip the language and our reaction and come from our guide, the heart. Being kind to yourself first, then you can be kind to others, watch as your world changes around you as you start to speak nicely to yourself. So you have made a mistake, first for the lesson rather than someone to blame, the language might look like ‘yes I have made a mistake, must be more mindful next time’, ‘how clever of you to offer yourself another opportunity to grow’ and ‘what am I attracting for this to have happened again?’. Only a small change and we are still being real, however we are also being kind and offering ourselves a way to learn, to grow and enjoy the moment fully.

When you get bogged down in looking for what’s not right, you’ll keep finding it; but when you look for all your good and what is right, then you guessed it you will keep finding it.

So your view is up to you, which would you prefer?  Yes there are a lot of questions that are being asked in here, because these can only be answered by you. Become aware of your thoughts, particularly in the most challenging moments and when you shift them you will begin to connect fully to your internal guidance system…your heart and self-love begins to form within everything you say and do.

Enjoy tweaking your language, have fun with it…be kind and loving to you!

Respect is love…..