What are you attracting?

People are not sent into your life to teach you lessons, YOU called/attracted them with your energy, with your thoughts. How many times have your thought of someone and they called you? You can think of many times, right? That’s energy, positive or negative it’s your energy attracting what you are asking for.

What are you asking for?  This does not mean your words will attract your reality, it is who you are being that attracts what you want and need in your life.


Who are you being? Positive or Negative? Life is simple…..


Hate                      or            Love

Naughty             or            Nice

Sour                     or            Sweet

Hurtful                  or            Helpful

Cruel                     or            Kind


Can you see a pattern?


Abraham/Esther Hicks says that our source energy is pure joy, love, delight; how amazing does that sound to you, what would that look like in your world to feel that way everyday? Why wouldn’t we work towards feeling closer to that every step of your human journey? 

We were given a gift to appreciate or to fear. Both choices, emotions, way of being are found in the same place in our minds, so therefore both cannot be present at the same time.  Do you appreciate, show gratitude even when a moment appears to challenge or negative or unknown?  We can choose to be afraid, stay where we are or we can choose to be in gratitude, appreciation, wisdom knowing that these two states of being are in the same place. How fantastic! If you are in appreciation you can’t be in fear. Humans, all of us have been created with this gift.

Have a simple faith in your ability to do good and feel good. Know that at your core, it all begins with love. In no way is this to say that this doesn’t take work, every day you must wake with a focus to connect to appreciating every moment and see how long you can stay there. Your aim is to simply improve in steps in raising your appreciation each day. Every morning you awake to a new day, and new way of being and seeing the world you have created around you.

Life is there to be enjoyed. Slow down, breathe deeply and start a state of appreciation every morning when you wake. This will aid your new day, to begin again and see what you can learn, to improve on from the day before. Simply by appreciating where you are at, being present in your current moment, making your choices from the heart, and that everything, EVERYTHING is energy, you, me and every living thing. 

What are you putting out there? What are you attracting into your adult life?

Be unwilling to put up with the challenging times, stay in appreciation even in those times of your life.

Worthiness is your choice

Respect is love…..