Time Travel  - Humans have made it possible!

Time travel is something that you do every single day to ourselves and others.

How do you do this?

Really it is very simple because you do it in your minds, throughout most of your day. Back, forward, back, forward….when are you really just here?

Time travel to the future is when you imagine every scenario that you can think of.  The good, the bad and the really bad or something that is so good but you simply call it a crazy dream.  Future time travel can get you into a real state of anxiety. For example when you think of a test you’re are going to take, or the bills you need to pay, the dress you want to buy, the call you are waiting for….ok so you are now forming thoughts of future time travel yourself or merely remembering when you did it last.  While you are doing this you start to grab some friends, family, co-workers, neighbours, person who cut us off, postman, shop attendant, kids…anyone from your life that you want to be part of it and travel forward bringing (dragging) them with you.  Now that you’ve got some people joining you, the time travel becomes more real and this is creating more anxiety as it becomes more and more real.  A future that you don’t want. Or the other way,  you have travelled to a future you really want but the people you brought with on this adventure are telling you it is way beyond what you can do, creating obstacles and challenges that might happen.  Ok deep breathe….stay right here, you are ok!

Let’s take a look at when you time travel to the past. This is when you dissect events that have been, conversations, and your human falls. You look at all the other ways it could have been better, said something differently, done something differently, diving into a gift you call ‘hindsight’ aka ‘time travel’.  Then you choose to store the emotion in our bodies creating a line to it whenever you need reminding of all the times that you didn’t do the best you could, or others didn’t treat us how we liked.  Again you are now stepping back in time STOP right there, stay here.  Time travel to the past can create a sadness being so hard on yourself and others, you do the same thing by bringing your community of people with us.  Blaming and shaming ourselves and others.  Wishing for things to have been different and the memory becomes an anchor point to which you decide how you feel every time a similar event takes place.

Both of these can paralyse you from moving forward because your mind is the wonderful place where anything is possible.  The mind has no limits to where and how far it can take a thought; forward or back.

Time travel forward in your mind and see the future you want. Take with you the voices that whisper ‘you can do this’, ‘give it a try’. Notice how your body feels when you have created this space of your future out in the light, where possibility lives. Are you warm, goose bumps, relaxed, soft and happy?  Then you know that you are on the right path, and if your body feels anxious then ask yourself ‘am I doing what helps me feels good’?. Because then you are fully present whilst taking a stroll forward into the future, still aware of where you are right now and the possibilities that you have in front of you.  This is a brilliant way to use the future time travel, creating excitement of possibilities and inspiring action for right now!

Now let’s go back, this time with the same intention, this is just a quick trip, short visit, because you still have your awareness to where you are right now – Present.  Look at your past as the great lessons, making no decisions or judgements on what happened, merely hovering over to take the learning forward. This is a place where you can think of your 1st’s in life. The hugs, kisses and all the challenges, because you still are here thriving after them.  The past can be a wonderful place to take a snap shot.  You are able to see where you have been and then bring this to the present to help you feel good about how far you have travelled and grown in life. The past holds so many of your blessings, as long as we keep judgement out of it, because you can’t change the past but simply smile and know that you are better from it.

Time travel is only present in our minds and the beautiful thing about it is that this is the one place in our lives where you can fully decide how you feel about what is happening in your life right now – Present. You can decide how you view what has happened - Past and how we feel about what will happen – Future.  Time travel is a gift and can be used to positively light your life.

Present is where all the magic happens and if you stay here more magic, fun and love will join you, to be part of your right now. Use the time travel for your highest good, and the easy way to remember it is this…

The past is a blessing,

The future holds your faith, 

The present is Appreciation of right now!

Love and light…..Ema xx



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