Worthiness is your choice

Worthiness is present in your life when you decide you are worthy of it. There is nothing that needs to change, no circumstance or external condition that needs to alter. It is simply a change in you, to allow worthiness.

You are worthy

You are worth the effort

You are worth loving

This is your internal power to allow.

Worthiness or lack of it is what holds you back from loving the life you truly feel good in. Are you worthy of your life? Whatever your belief is, you are right, it is your choice. How do you want to feel, complete love for your life, who you are and that you are most definitely enough. Once you chosen to feel worthy in your life, welcome your fear and allow it to lead you with love towards a choice that you will feel good in – life is work and life is simple. Start working on you today, work on your worthiness and the rest will follow

Who you are being tells a story, we are not our age, name, hair colour, skin colour, height, cars we drive, the things we own or the jobs that we do. We are the sum of our daily intention and actions in our life, the effect we choose to have and the energy we bring with us. We are our internal being, the conditions we choose to allow and express from within. We are the story we tell, not in any words that can be written, but the energy we choose to live it with, it is something you truly have to feel.  Through this perspective you can begin to shift and sees things just a little bit new, remember we all start as babies totally dependent for others to provide everything, everything, even help to sleep. Who are we then, needy, yes!

However as humans we want to be needed as it provides purpose.  Our larger purpose can easily be found in simply discovering something new and doing something where you feel good. What a joy to live a life like this, I’m in. Making sure your needs are always looked after is your inbuilt instinct that says, eat, drink, love...etc.  It seems that there is no stage in our lives that we are not dependent on each other to thrive in this life. Think about this, could you produce the life that you live by yourself? With no help, just you creating, building and connecting. The answer is no you could not, we all need each other, so the next questions is who do you want to be in it?

Without you doing your part the world around you would not work.  Be worthy of your life, work to feel good in all you do knowing that your role is just as important as everyone else’s. 

Time Travel  - Humans have made it possible!

What are you attracting?